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Current and Past Coding Projects

Desert Vista Rays

Submarine Project

Using python, our group is building a submarine for the National Underwater Robotics Competition. Our group won 1st place for the high-school division in Arizona for 2019.

DIY Christmas Lights Display

Christmas Lights Display

A DIY Christmas Lights Sequencer to music. Runs using a Raspberry PI, an Arduino and shift registers to create a 24 channel light show. Runs on Python and Arduino C/C++.

Efficient Student Classroom Management


A system that allows a teacher of a classroom to efficiently take attendance through the use of student badges. Through Visionarium, classroom management becomes a lot easier! No more need to take attendance or manage a hallway log, Visionarium's got you covered.
Runs on Python.

Java based peer vs peer video game

Battleship Game

A game where one opponent must sink all his/her enemy's ships before the other player in this thrilling network video game. Whether it's luck or skill, demonstrate your capabilities on the high-seas with this exciting game! This project was my first project into computer networking and game design. Runs on Java.

1st Hackathon Project


In under 36 hours, my team and I created a website that monitors all the active fires in the United States. Users can also report fires that they see. Features various APIs. This was for HackMIT - an annual hackathon

Coding Can Do ???

New Project Coming Soon

Code can do many things. Who knows what the next thing code will conquer.