Java based peer vs peer video game

Battleship Game


Are you ready to take on the high seas and sink enemy ships? If so, grab a friend to play with you in this Virtual Battleship Game.


Click on Host to start a game. Ask your friend to open a instance of the game on their screen and click play a game. Both your computer and your friend's computer must be on the same WiFi network. Once the game starts, use your arrow keys to move the ships around. First select the front of the ship with your mouse and then you may use the arrow keys to move it around the ocean. Once both players have finished selecting their positions, the game starts. To fire a shot, click on the appropriate square in the grid. Once clicked, you will be notified if it was a hit or a miss. Whoever is the last person standing with surviving ships is declared the winner. The opponent who lost will then be able to see where the remaining ships were of the winner.

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This game requires a Java version of at least 1.8. This game will only work on desktop/laptop computers that support Java. This game also requires a network connection to play, as it is a network multiplayer.

This download will take some time, as it contains music, which takes up space. Download is approximately 100MB

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This Game uses music found online from YouTube and from a public school's marching band in United States. I do not own these songs or seek to make a profit from using these songs in this programming project. All songs and material found in this game, whether modified or not modified, belong to their respective owners. I created all the Java Game Code from scratch using the Eclipse IDE. I only borrowed the images and music from online sources.